Twicebound: Chapter 2 – Part 1


Well, the ‘Twicebound’ installment was slightly late again, but, with a little luck, you’ll be willing to overlook that.  Here’s hoping you’ll enjoy:


Chapter 2 – part 1

“Mr… Kaul, is it? Please sit still, Mr. Kaul.”

Eddie didn’t oblige the doctor. Not that he wouldn’t like to, but the guy just wasn’t the kind to put a man at ease. After watching him shake for a minute longer, the doctor sighed and turned to the two guards. They were watching Vančura; the big man sat calmly in the holding room, staring at them through the glass.

“Guys, I don’t think even our massive friend can break out of there, so could you please give me hand with this one?”

The younger guard glanced over his shoulder, then shrugged.

“Sure. The little man doesn’t look all that dangerous, though.”

“I didn’t say he was dangerous, I said I needed help. I can’t keep him from shaking long enough to take a blood sample.”


Holding Eddie down wasn’t much of a job, but the guard took it very seriously. Once the doc’ got his needle in and out, the guard watched for a moment, then wandered back toward his companion. Evidently, Vančura concerned them a lot more. Eddie might have entertained some curiosity about that, if his mind hadn’t been working overtime, trying to concoct awful scenarios for the next few hours.

Several minutes later, the doctor un-buckled the restraints on the chair and let him up.

“Move him into the post-test cell and bring the big guy in here. Oh, and hold this guy until I can get Marty to check his results. I’m not sure he really fits the parameters, but since we’re low on subjects…”

Eddie was guided into another cell, similar to the one Vančura occupied, and the door was barred behind him. He couldn’t see the examination room; the window was mirrored on his side. Curling into a ball under the table seemed the best course of action, but he was pretty sure that wouldn’t stop the shaking.  As he paced around and around the table, a thought occurred to him. He’d seen enough cop shows to know how holding-cell mirrors worked.  Switching off the lights might let him see through the glass.

Only problem was, Eddie couldn’t see a light switch inside the room. He glanced up. Maybe he could unscrew the bulb, instead of just switching it off. None of the chairs looked sturdy enough to stand on, so he scrambled onto a chair. Detaching the bulb was the work of an instant. Getting off the table in the dark was less easy.

Eddie stepped off the chair, but the dim light from the window wasn’t enough for him to see where he was going. On his way down, one foot caught a chair and he fell. Falling in the dark wasn’t fun, but hitting the table on the way down was even worse.  In a pile on the floor, Eddie froze, afraid the guards had heard. Nothing happened. The door didn’t creak open and no footsteps sounded.

Once he figured it was safe, he hauled himself upright. The glass, which had been a mirror in the bright light of the room, was completely transparent. He could see the examination room. Vančura was strapped into the chair and the doctor was studying a small computer. Eddie realized why the guards hadn’t noticed his crash. They were still concentrating on Vančura, as if they expected him to snap the restraints and leap from the chair.

As Eddie watched, the doctor whirled and said something he couldn’t hear through the glass. Both guards’ heads swung round, then one of them left at a run, disappearing farther into the building. Vančura didn’t move, but a faint smile crept over his face. The doc’ checked his computer and glanced at the big man again. Gesturing sharply at the guard, he snapped an order.

Something had spooked the guards and the doctor, that much was obvious. If Eddie hadn’t noticed it before, the fact that the guard now had his pistol trained on Vančura would have definitely brought it to his attention.

 End Chapter 2 – part 1

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12 thoughts on “Twicebound: Chapter 2 – Part 1

      • I really love this story! It’s different to Hunter, but no less great! I like the mystery surrounding Vancura!! Oh and Eddie, of course!! It’s sort of like a sci-fi thriller!! Can’t wait for the next instalment!! Hint! Hint! 🙂

      • That’s great! And yes, it’s a totally different story than Hunter, though there are a few similarities. Vancura… is a favorite character for me.
        Eddie is sort of a “journal character”. By that, I mean his purpose is to be the reader’s… surrogate, I suppose, to introduce them to Vancura and follow his story. 😉

        Speaking of Vancura, have you seen “Batman Begins” with Christian Bale?

      • Okay. 🙂 Remember the scene where the bad detective is talking to Falcone, the crime lord, in the limousine? Falcone says “You shouldn’t meddle in the secrets of… scary people.”

        It’s my favorite line from that whole movie. And it perfectly describes Vancura. 😉

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