Twicebound: Chapter 5 – Part 1


My last week has been somewhat more hectic than usual, what with This and That being on bad terms with me.  As it is, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to devote to writing.  Then, I had a trip to make Friday, which took up pretty much the entire day.  When everything was said and done, I had practically no “Twicebound” ready for you guys.  So, today, I pulled together what I could and here’s a sadly short installment of…


Chapter 5 – part 1

Eddie and Vančura were both in the examination room.  At the same time.  Eddie didn’t care much, aside from the fact that the scientists weren’t concentrating on him any more.  Vančura, however, was more than a little apprehensive, even if he didn’t show it.  Somehow, the order of events he was familiar with had been changed: he didn’t know what was going to happen next.  Eddie showing up had been the first sign that something was different.  Eddie spouting off to the doc was the second.

The guards were half-way across the room, safely out of reach, with their pistols trained on the prisoners.  Benwright had called in Colonel Bosze and they were discussing the problem, or that’s what it looked like from a distance.  Closer, it was obvious that Bosze was demanding answers and results, while Benwright did his best to explain why the STAd wasn’t working and wouldn’t be working in twenty-four hours.

Vančura chuckled.  Even if everything else was different, he did know what was wrong with the STAd.  He glanced across at Eddie: The man knew what was wrong with the knothole, or would have if he’d bothered to listen the first time around.

* * *

After climbing out of the doctor’s chair, Eddie had decided to keep a close eye on everything he could.  He didn’t want to be “rammed” through the knothole again, but if it happened anyway, he might as well remember everything that was going to happen.  Unfortunately, watching everything in the room at once was giving him a headache.

Finally, the guy in the uniform, Bosze, raised a hand.  Benwright shut up, but he didn’t look happy about it. The colonel raised an eyebrow and studied Vančura and Eddie.

“Benwright’s computers say you guys get put through the knothole tomorrow.  I assume that makes you time-travelers, though I’m not sure I entirely believe it.  Either way, if you know how to get the STAd working properly, I suggest you start talking.  That machine needs to be up and running by tomorrow: we’ve got a problem and that STAd may be the only way to solve it.”

Vančura tilted his head thoughtfully.

“And if I decide not to tell you?”

The colonel grinned and it was a hand-picked representative of every unpleasant grin ever grinned.

“Well, now.  If you don’t tell me, I might decide that the STAd needs to be tested again.  I’m kind of curious to see what happens when a guy goes through the knothole with that uncontrolled discharge for company.”

End Chapter 5 – Part 1

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2 thoughts on “Twicebound: Chapter 5 – Part 1

  1. “The colonel grinned and it was a hand-picked representative of every unpleasant grin ever grinned”. My favourite line!! 🙂 Even if this instalment was short it was well worth the read!

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