Twicebound: Chapter 6 – part 3


This particular installment of Twicebound was even more than fashionably late.  That’s my fault, yeah.  (isn’t it usually?)  Anyhow, we had a guest over today and in the excitement of a particularly tense game of card war, I completely forgot it was Saturday.  (please post all snarky and sarcastic quips about my memory in the ‘comment’ section below)  Once I realized what day it was and finished panicking, I got the post up and running.  So, here’s this week’s installment of…


Chapter 6 – part 3

Eddie stared out the armored windows of the bus for the third time.  And for the first time, if you wanted to get technical about it.  However, technical wasn’t something he was particularly good at, so he didn’t.

When the brakes squealed and the vehicle came to a halt in front of the non-descript building that housed the Sandglass Project and the ‘knothole’, he didn’t even bother to think the usual insulting thoughts about it.  Instead, he studied the driver and the guard, watching for any sign of a change in routine.

If things had changed as much as Vančura feared they had, Eddie figured the difference might show up early.  So far, the only one was the girl.  The trial had gone as usual, with Vančura and he ending up on the bus.  What wasn’t expected was the girl showing up in the seat across from him.

Eddie took it in stride, until he saw the look on his big companion’s face.  It wasn’t quite fear and it wasn’t quite suspicion.  The best description Eddie could come up with was ‘shock’.  Even then, it didn’t seem quite right. Regardless, the expression vanished within seconds, leaving the stolid, unconcerned face that had been there before.

Several times on the way, Eddie had tried to talk, but the woman gave an impression of a verbally abusive snapping turtle.  Vančura just shook his head, staring thoughtfully toward the front of the bus.  Eventually, Eddie had given up and spent the rest of the trip thinking up new words for a tune and forgetting them.

Inside the STAd facility, things changed.  As he’d expected, the doctor checked him over first, setting off the alert when the implanted chip was found. This time, though, he kept his mouth shut and let Vančura do all the talking.  Eddie listened with half an ear, breaking the light bulb in his cell and watching through the now perfectly transparent one-way glass.  He could see the other holding cell, if he stood in just the right place.

The girl was standing slouched against the wall with her head bowed.  Her hair, messy and badly in need of a trim, hid her face.  It looked like she was still recovering from the hangover, but Eddie knew better.  He watched her while he listened to Vančura give Colonel Bosze the usual spiel.  Every now and again, her head twitched slightly, almost as if she had a nervous tic.

The only thing was, every time she twitched, Vančura had said something unusual.  The words “grand-father paradox” got the biggest reaction.  Eddie narrowed his eyes and tapped a finger against his lips thoughtfully.  It didn’t make him look as wise as he thought , but it was dark and he was alone, so it didn’t really matter.

“She’s a smart one.  This could get interesting…”

End Chapter 6 – Part 3

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6 thoughts on “Twicebound: Chapter 6 – part 3

    • Hahahaha. *bows* Thank you. I HATE old similes, so I come up with more… unique ones. XD XD

      It’s not quite as good as ‘skipping across the pond, just like a bowling ball wouldn’t’, though.

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