Twicebound: Chapter 8– part 1



Chapter 8 – part 1

“Move it, Kaul.  We’ve got to pick up your friend before the cops do.”

Scrambling up the bank wasn’t as easy as it sounded, disoriented as he was.  Coming out of the dark pipe into the bright morning sun was only half the problem,  though.  The part that scrambled Eddie was the change in the routine.  As far as he knew, time wasn’t supposed to change drastically enough to let him be rescued.  As a matter of fact, he was pretty sure his luck wasn’t that good, even if old man Time was amenable.

He slid into the cop car, wondering where Vančura was.  Then he remembered what the woman had said.

“Pick up m’friend?  Y’mean Vančura, right?”

She slammed the door and switched on the ignition.  The steady rumble of the engine didn’t even register with Eddie, but she cocked an ear and frowned.

“You’d think they’d take better care of their cars.  Just listen to this thing.”

Obediently, Eddie listened, wondering what he was supposed to hear.  The pursuit car slipped into drive and took off, skimming down the road.  The woman turned to him.

“Yes, Vančura.”

He stared at her.


“Yes, we’re picking up Vančura.”

For a moment he blinked at her, then looked at the dash, still listening to the sound of the engine.  Then, he sat back in his seat with a puzzled expression.

“What about the engine?”

This time, she was doing the staring.  Eddie felt vaguely pleased about that.


“You told me to listen to the car.”

The woman blinked, then turned her attention back to the road.  Eddie could hear her muttering, but he knew enough to recognize the tone of voice.  It was the sort of tone that contained unpleasant comments about people.  He wondered what he’d done, then shrugged.

It didn’t really matter.  He wasn’t headed back for the STAd again, which was the important part.  Maybe Vančura didn’t mind getting his day rewound over and over again, but Eddie Kaul was a different matter.  Pain from getting rammed through the ‘knothole’ aside, the whole thing was getting boring.  And the police station holding cell wasn’t going in any record books for fine cuisine.

“Here we are. Stay in the car.”

She got out and Eddie did as he was told.  Getting up seemed like more work than he wanted to do, anyway. He was still sore from his trip through the STAd. Just as he was about to fall asleep, there was a yell and a vicious shattering sound.  Annoyed, he looked up.

Vančura and the woman were sprinting for the cop car.  Behind them, the blue-uniformed shape of a policeman was draped through the broken window of another black and white cruiser.  Eddie frowned, trying to decide if he didn’t like this new woman or not.  She sure went around hitting a lot of people.

End Chapter 8 – Part 1

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