Liebster Award


Last Saturday, Claire Banschbach nominated me for the ‘Liebster Award’.  My first thought was “Oh, cool!”.  My second thought was an evil chuckle followed by “Now I have real excuse to procrastinate from writing my novella!”.  The third thought was “Okay, what are the rules?”

With all the thinking out of the way, here they are, copied verbatim from Ms. Banschbach’s post.

  • Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate other bloggers (however many or few as you’d like).
  • You can also nominate the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the ten questions asked to you by the person who nominated you
  • Make ten questions of your own for your nominees.

Okay, I can do that!  Without further ado, let’s leap blindly from the cliff of experience into the sea of questions, without regard for the…. yeah, I’ve run out of metaphors.  Whatever.  Let’s just dive in.

Claire’s Questions

1. What poked you in the direction of writing/blogging?

Poked is right!  Well, more like an insistent jabbing…  Anyway, going from reading adventure to writing adventure is a short step.  I was writing stories almost soon as I learned to use a pen, mostly to amuse myself.  After all, writing about leaping from the wingtip of a smoking bomber is a lot easier (and cheaper) than actually doing it.  When an avid reader goes looking for adventure, he looks for his pen.

2. What is your favorite song to sing in the shower?

Officially: I don’t.  My singing voice is bad and singing in the shower in my house evokes sarcastic jokes thick enough to cut with a knife.  Unofficially; there may, theoretically, have been a time or two when I tested the (poor) acoustics of the shower with “Because We Believe“.

3. What drives you to write?

*eyes glaze over as I stare off into the sky*  A lot of things, to be honest.  But the most important, I think, is the potential that stories have.  If you’ve ever read Tolkien’s “Song of the Mounds of Mundberg” or listened to “The Fall of Gil-Galad“, you know what I mean.  If you’ve ever followed John Carter into the crash of battle alongside Tars Tarkas, you know what I mean.  If you can feel the inertial compensators straining as you whip your starfighter past the belly guns of a capital ship, you know what I mean.

4. If you could meet one fictional character, who would it be?

That’s a hard choice.  There are a lot of great characters out there and I’d like to meet a lot of them for various reasons.  I suppose, if I HAD to pick, it would probably Tom Bombadil.  There was something about him that echoed contented wisdom.  He wouldn’t even understand the idea of ‘teaching’ it, which, in and of itself, would be a lesson.

5. You get the chance to travel any place, in any time. Where do you go?

Malta, 1665.  Instant answer, just add water.

6. Do you have a certain memory associated with a food dish?

Tons of them.  The most vivid, though, is creamed spinach.  Mom used to cook it on the stove-top in a Pyrex dish.  Until the day the Pyrex failed; blew up quite spectacularly.  She cooks it in a metal pot now…

7. What is one book you are really looking forward to reading?

Thomas Sowell’s “Conquests and Cultures“.  The guy is brilliant.  But if you’re talking fiction, I’m dying to read K.M. Weiland’s “Dreamlander“.

8. What is your next big adventure?

I’m in the middle of it; learning parkour.  Do a little sympathetic wincing for me, will you, please?

9. Another food question. You have to choose one thing to eat for the rest of your life. What do you choose?

Three-cheese tortellini.  No contest.

10. What is your favorite passage/verse from a work of literature?

Gandalf’s words to Frodo. “So do all who come to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us.”   That wisdom puts things back into perspective, especially when the current troubles begin to overwhelm.

Now, for my nominees and questions for them!

Nathalie London

Jenna Willet

The questions:

1.  You’re writing one night, later than you ought to, and you get sucked into one of your own stories.  Speaking in terms of survival, which one would you rather be in?

2. If you listen to music while you write, which song improves your wordcount most?

3. Pick one sport you wish you excelled in.

4. You discover that one of your favorite characters in your novel is irrelevant. What’s your initial reaction?

5. Do you have a story concept that you’re terrified to write because you’re afraid that you can’t do it justice?

6. What’s the oldest book you’ve ever read?

7. Short stories, novellas, novels, or epic sagas?

8. When you reach that point when your fingers start twitching frenetically because you’ve been writing for hours on end, what do you do for a break?

9. Where do you write?

10.  A brick wall comes out of nowhere and hits you while you’re writing your novel.  What do you do?  Hit back?  Or go around?

Here’s hoping you’ll accept the nomination!  If you do, please link back so I can peruse the answers!

19 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. #1 is so true! Can’t physically do all those things, so I whip out that pen and start living the action through the words I write. 😀
    Gandalf’s quotes is one of my fave book/movie quotes ever!!!
    Okay I gotta know: Why Malta 1665?

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