Twicebound: Chapter 14 – Part 1


Header14-1The revolver was a hammer-less type, which meant Vančura couldn’t cock it with that threatening ‘click’ like in the movies.  The veterinarian didn’t look like he minded, though. He seemed to find Vančura quite threatening enough, even without the gun.

“Armelle, this wasn’t necessary.  All you had to do was ask!”

There wasn’t much fear in the vet’s slow southern drawl.  It was more like disgust.  Vančura watched him make a neat incision over the scar on Eddie’s arm and inserted a retractor to hold it open.  He’d only used a local anesthetic, but contrary to everyone’s expectations, Eddie was taking the procedure well.  He stared down at the inside of his bicep with interest.

“C’n I move it?”


“But I wanna see if’n d’stuff in dere moves!”

“Don’t.  Move.  Your.  Arm.”

Eddie bobbed his head back and forth as he silently mimicked the vet’s words, but he didn’t move the arm.

“Eddie, be polite to the man. He is taking the poisoned chip out of your arm, after all.”

The vet shot her a caustic glare as he worked the tweezers.  After a moment, there was a soft sound of metal on glass and he withdrew the tiny computer from Eddie’s bicep.  He studied it with interest, then dropped it into a small tray and picked up a needle.  As he began stitching up the small incision, he continued to glare at Armelle.

“You’re telling him to be polite?  While your friend there is pointing that thing at me? Way to be hypocritical, young lady.  At least your muscle-man has the courtesy of being consistent!”

He knotted off the stitching and cut the thread.

“There you go.  Chip’s out, the wound is disinfected and closed.  Keep him from scratching it or biting… ”

With a frown, the vet remembered who he was working on and rolled his eyes.

“Sorry.  Okay, don’t scratch at it and try to keep it marginally clean.  It’s not a big cut, but you still don’t want it infected.”

Eddie slid off the table and inspected the stitches.

“Gotcha, doc.  C’n I eat, or do I got to wait twenny-four hours?”

“What are you talking about?  Of course, you can eat.  It’s just a six millimeter incision on your bicep. Okay, who’s next?  I assume all three of you have the same problem?”

Vančura handed the pistol to Armelle and stepped forward.

“That would be me, doc.  And I would suggest you focus on your work, rather than talking.  We have places to be and far too much time to get there.”

End Chapter  14 – Part 1
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We’re into Chapter Fourteen already?!?  As promised, it’s getting interesting!  Fortunately for you (and me) it’s not going to get any less so as time goes on.  Time-travel and conspiracy allow for a LOT of mystery and intrigue.

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