Twicebound: Chapter 16 – Part 1


Header16-1Armelle stared up at the concrete block that housed the Sandglass project.


Still pleased with himself from his successful bit of verbosity, Eddie smirked at her.


“This place just gets uglier every time you see it, doesn’t it?  You’d think they’d want a top-secret facility to be inconspicuous.  This thing is so ugly it practically screams government building.”

Eddie snickered at that, but couldn’t think of anything clever to say.  Vančura, however, didn’t respond at all, cleverly or otherwise.  The cab turned quiet once Eddie’s amusement faded.  Armelle started to say something, then stopped.

Finally, Vančura broke the silence, without looking away from the facility.

“You two ready?”

Armelle glanced at Eddie, but the little man was in the initial stages of hyperventilating, so she replied for both of them.

“Actually, no…”

Vančura gave her a flat look, then followed it with a nod.

“Good.  If you’d said you were ready, I wouldn’t have believed you.  Let’s move this truck before someone up there gets suspicious, then we can get on with this.”

She jammed the truck into gear and let it rumble down the gravel road, until it was out of sight of the building.  It tilted slightly as it rolled into the grass, then coughed as she switched off the engine.

“Okay, how are we going to get in there?”

With a slightly malicious grin, Vančura cocked his head.

“You’re sure you know how to get us through the knothole?”

Armelle suppressed an exasperated sigh and nodded.  His grin widened.

“I’m trusting you on that, understand?  So why don’t you just trust me on how we’re going to get inside?”

This time, it wasn’t just Eddie that looked panicked.

End Chapter  16 – Part 1

Okay, guys, here’s the apology.  (and by apology, I mean it in the old-fashioned way;  I’m justifying myself!)  This is the first installment that’s been this badly late, but it’s still technically Saturday!!  Between barista-ing (don’t argue; it’s a word) last night and a leaving at 6:00 am for a wedding 3 hours away this morning, Twicebound was running a little late.  Just blame it on someone monkeying around with the knothole? Much simpler explanation!

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