New Serial Novel!!!


There’s a new serial novel on the block, people.  “A Pawn Up My Sleeve” is the most recent story to hit the bits and bytes of this blog.  With the readership “Twicebound” is enjoying (and with how much I’m enjoying writing it), I decided to take the serial novels a step further.

APUMScoverHere’s the blurb for it:

Imagine you have a problem… a big problem… and that problem won’t go away. No matter what you do. When you have that sort of problem, conventional methods don’t work. You have to resort to unconventional ones. And when you need unconventional methods… you need an unconventional man. You need a man who doesn’t play by the same rules the problem does. You need a man who plays chess when everyone else is playing poker. You need a man who’s playing for keeps when everyone else is playing for little things like power, money, or their lives.

You need a man like Hubert Spencewood.

Huey, for short.

It will be published weekly, but instead of coming out Saturday morning, you’ll be able to take a break from the vicissitudes of Monday with each installment of “A Pawn Up My Sleeve”

The big difference is this; “A Pawn Up My Sleeve” is subscription-based.  Don’t worry, I based the subscription rate around the price-tag you might find on a nice trade-paper back in a bookstore.

The first thousand words, however, are yours for the reading.  Jump in!!

ButtonOr, if you’re the adventurous sort, just go straight to the
A Pawn Up My Sleeve Main Page.

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