Twicebound: Chapter Nineteen – Part 1


Header19-1“Do you really think I’m going to tell you any thing?”

Vančura stared at Bosze, coolly assessing his reaction.  He was slightly surprised when the colonel nodded agreeably.

“I know you won’t tell us anything, Vančura.  You’re difficult at the best of times and unpleasant doesn’t even begin to describe you when you’re being recalcitrant.  So, we’re not going to bother with interrogation.  We should get everything we need to know from a thorough examination, anyway.”

Vančura raised an eyebrow that was slightly less enigmatic than usual.

“An examination?  You forget; I’m a time traveler.  I’ve been through this already.  You won’t find anything you haven’t already found.

With a contemptuous smile, Bosze waved a guard forward.  Vančura was hoisted to his feet and hand-cuffed.  The colonel stepped aside with exaggerated courtesy.

“Don’t worry yourself on our accounts, Vančura.  Even government employees can have a few tricks up their sleeves.   We’ll know what we want to know.”

He turned to the guard.

“Get him to the deep scan suite. Tell Benwright o take his time; if we miss anything, we could screw up this timeline and never know it.”

Vančura watched him go.  Something about the tone of the colonel’s voice stuck in his memory.  Bosze had almost sounded scared.

* * *

Armelle, having regained her balance, examined the STAd console. Eddie prowled the room, looking more wary by the second. Finally, Armelle punched the console in frustration.

“They installed a lockout system!  I can’t access anything; controls, records, nothing.  Not even the clock!”

Then, both she and Eddie froze.  A low chuckle echoed around the massive room, bouncing eerily off the steel and composite STAd. 

“I expect the password would make things a little easier?”

They both recognized the voice.

End Chapter  19– Part 1

Yes, this installment is a little short.  Fortunately, it’ll be more than worth it.  Teaser; in case you can’t tell, the last three installments have been stage-setting for next week’s installment.  And it’s going to be a shock.  Just telling you now.  Keep the defibrillators handy.

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