Twicebound: Chapter Twenty One – Part One



header21-1.pngEddie and Armelle watched Benwright disappear down the hall, then glanced at each other.

“Awfu’ helpful, ain’t he?’

Armelle scowled, then nodded at the double doors.

“Might as well see what Vančura has been up to all this time.  Maybe he’ll be a little more forthcoming.”

She shoved one of the door and it opened quietly, swinging on well-oiled hinges.  The room beyond was dim, kept from complete darkness by a row of lamps running down the middle of the room.  Against the walls on either side, computer towers blinked, status lights running in complicated patterns across them.

At the far end of the room, a single desk stood in front of a massive wall display.  Pages of equations scrolled across the display, numbers changing as the computers solved them.  The chair at the desk was empty.

Eddie was busy watching the shadows nervously, but Armelle stared at the display.  After a moment, her eyes narrowed and she stepped closer for a better look.

“What the…”

“Predictive temporal formulae.  I’ve been running them for years now.  It’s next to impossible to know what will happen if even one thing in the past changes, but with enough computing power, you can make a really good guess at it.”

Armelle whirled, focusing on the dim outline of Vančura, leaning on one of the computer towers off to one side.  Eddie squeaked and sprinted halfway to the doors before he recognized the voice.


He grinned at her.

“The one and only.”

Armelle started to say something, then stopped and glanced at the wall display.  She was quiet for a minute, then turned back to him.

“How much time did we skip?”

The big man’s grin faded.

“Twelve years.  You time-traveled twelve years.”

End Chapter  21– Part 1

This installment was a bit short, mostly because the next bit is going to be a long one, with no good places to pause the story.  See you next week!

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