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Don’t believe everything you read. Particularly not everything you read about Michael Gunter. Since 95% of everything written about the guy is likely to have been written by him, there’s no guarantee that it’s completely truthful. For instance, the fact that he has never been seen in the same room as Batman shouldn’t be interpreted too far. Regardless of how often he points it out, you ought to exercise caution in believing it. Just saying.

He’s been writing since he was old enough to hold a pencil, which isn’t to say that he should have been allowed to. The earliest thing he can remember writing is a terrible fan-fiction of “Lord of the Rings”. To quote him, he wishes “someone had been kind enough to burn it before I finished”. As it is, he’s improved since then, having practiced on a steady stream of projects, ranging from historical short stories to science-fiction to high fantasy. Assuming that any of those writings actually got finished would probably be rash, but it’s hard to say, since Michael won’t comment on that.

The first story he’s publicly admitted to writing is “Every Blade of Grass”. It’s a high fantasy epic and he’s trying to nerve himself up to edit it harshly enough to feel comfortable sending it to an agent. So far, he hasn’t succeeded. The next story finished to satisfaction (what he calls a “science-fantasy”) was a short story that turned into a series. Right now, a full-length novel about the character from the short story is in the works. Michael would never toot his own horn (yeah, right) but the series of  “Hunter Stories” might just be worth reading.


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