Hello!  I’ve gotten a lot of people asking me how I come up with ideas, how I manage to write so much without getting “writer’s block”, how I handle my world-building, and much more.  So, with all those questions, I decided that we need somewhere I can answer all of them!

Here it is, the FAQ page.  If you’ve got a question you don’t see here… spin it along and I’ll see how fast I can get an answer up.

General Questions

Q:  How long have you been writing?

A:  I’ve been writing since I could pick up a pencil.  There have been several fantasies, multiple action novels, and the odd short story rolling off my keyboard and pen for years.  Some of them were even good enough for me to consider returning to them some day.  It’s only in the last year that I’ve been looking at it as more than an occasional hobby, though.

Book-specific Questions

The “Hunter” world

Q: What’s your inspiration?

A: Humor.  Seriously, Hunter’s wry wit lets me keep people laughing, even while giving them an exciting adventure.  That includes me; NOT being inspired would be the hard part!

Q:  How do you think up the beasties that Hunter catches?

A:  Whoo…. that’s a tough one.  The real problem there is that the perfect beastie will make or break a story.  Usually, I just pick a good-sounding animal and run with it.  If it’s a good one, the story works.  If not, the narrative starts to fall flat.  When that happens, I start looking for inspiration.  My oldest sister came up with my second-favorite beastie ever: the Blood-sucking Hummingbird.

Q:  How do we obtain your “Hunter” stories?

A:  Well, at present, there are two of his tales publicly available and you can find them in the blog Library.  If you’ve read both of them already, don’t worry!  I’ve got two more short stories in the works and a full-length novel coming along splendidly.

Q:  Why a post-apocalyptic world for Hunter?

A: Frankly?  Because guys like Hunter don’t do well in the contemporary world.  Putting him in the 1800’s or early 1900’s would have worked, but that would have required a lot of retro-history.  It was more fun to create a world of the future, one that Hunter fits into like a glove.

Q: Why does Hunter get paid to Hunt the animals he does?  Who wants them? Why are there wizards, instead of scientists, since it WAS scientists that started the Storm? 

A:  Oh, you just had to ask that question… frankly, the first two questions get answered in the new full-length novel, “Eye in the Storm”.  If you want the answers, you’ll have to wait and read the book.  The third question  I can answer, in two parts.  First off: scientists accidentally unleash an experiment that destroys most of the major cities and turns civilization on its ear.  After that, being a scientist isn’t going to make you the most popular person on the planet.  Second, there probably are quite a few scientists.  But (as will be explained in “Eye in the Storm”) there’s a very good reason you only read about the magicians.  Scientists, by definition, tend to have very little money of their own.  Magicians, on the other hand, tend to have plenty of cash.  Guess which of them a Hunter would work for?


Don’t see what you want to know here?  Ask me anywhere: the comment section, my email: michaelagunter3@hotmail-dot-com (replace the -dot- with a period), or on Twitter!






6 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. As I’ve asked before, regarding the reason for putting Hunter into an apocalyptic world, but what I’d really like to know, in addition to that, is whether you’ve done any sort of research into what that kind of world would be like? Such as, economy, government, if those things exist at all? And also who these people are that want such creatures, why they pay Hunter to track them down? Is it for research, or entertainment? It niggles at the back of my mind why there are wizards in such a world? And not scientists? I love the stories. And Hunter. But also have loads of questions running around in my mind. I guess it’s because my own stuff depends on a lot of research and I always try to find a valid reason for why such things are in the story etc. I have the same questions for any book I read, including my own work.

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